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Apologies, I'm not myself but I can guarantee that when I get back, you won't believe that you knew me well.

I know I repost these every so often

But i cannot express enough how badly i want to go back and stab myself. I literally thought I was the fattest thing on the planet. Like seriously I would KILL to look like this again and actually be HAPPY about it. I would definitely trade looking the way I do now though for hours of crying in dressing rooms, not eating, and over exercising. 

How does it feel?

Knowing you’ve lost everything you could have ever wanted due to your own selfishness, lies, and alcohol. 

Does it feel good?

It must if you refuse to live any other way.

No, seriously, if you ever feel bad about your life


remember that a ginger with an alcohol problem and missing teeth broke up with me while eating a jamaican beef patty.

and I cried about it


My blog so I can basically get out everything the ex from hell has done. Done protecting him from the repercussions of his own actions.

I’m going to start a blog or series called “the orange boy”

And it’s basically going to be all the awful shit that Zach has done to me, including being physically abusive.

And I will publish a copy and mail it to his house with a bottle of vodka.

Or does he prefer wine..

At this point I feel like he would drink fish water out of a shoe if I said it was alcohol.

Nobody sabotaged you


You didn’t need help with that one. Stop playing the victim.
Here’s some advice: if you don’t want to accept the consequences and hear about the shitty things you’ve done, DON’T DO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

You deserve to hear about all of it for years.

Fo sho little one

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I wish you were going somewhere in life

..you know.. besides the liquor store..

Monday, April 14, 2014